About Us

EDI Resources Centre formed in 1994 to provide hardware and software solutions for Office Automation and Electronic Data Interchange system.

Our engineers and programmers are specialized in inter-networking technology which forms the foundation and platform of Electronic Data Interchange service.


Our Goal :

  • Connect People to Information

  • Realise EDI Trading System

  • Connect Our Clients to Their Business Partners

Our Motto :

Make our Client Success !

Our Policy :

  • Quality Comes First

  • Satisfy Our Clients' Need

  • Attention to Details

  • Integrity Cannot Be Compromised

  • Provide Best Value for Money

Our Strategy :

  • Provide Quality Service

  • Make our Client Success, so that we can success

  • Become the Professional Partner of our Clients

  • Link up our Client's Customers & Suppliers

  • Master and Make Use of Latest Information Technology to our Client's Benefit


What is Professional ?

  • Master technical knowledge of our business

  • Master and Make Use of Information Technology that can be deployed in our Business

  • Improve ourselves, master latest technology

  • Work not only with our hands, but with our Brains

  • Study, Improve & Develop our Technique



What is E.D.I. ?

E. D. I. = Electronic Data Interchange